Snap Infraction


The new single from Snap Infraction ‘The Fall’ b/w ‘Day In The Sun’ was performed, recorded and mixed by Snap Infraction.

Jeff White played guitar on ‘The Fall’.

Dave Fecca played guitar on ‘The Fall’.

Tom Volpicelli mastered everything at The Mastering House

All songs written by Steve Karsch © 2021 OneFiftySeven Music. BMI.


On their latest release, “The Fall/Day In The Sun”, Snap Infraction took a trip in the wayback machine. Steve Karsch explains:

I originally wrote this song for one of my old bands, and we recorded some basic tracks for it in the early 2000s. Unfortunately, that band was short-lived and the in-progress album was shelved.

Thankfully, they were able to rescue some of the tracks for ‘The Fall’ from a burning building and have been adding to them slowly over the years. “And then we kind of hit a wall with it,” says Steve.

Recently, he caught up with an old high school friend, Jeff White, at a Rich Robinson concert.

“`The Fall` was always missing something”, says drummer Tony Iannuzzi, “and bringing Jeff in to add some guitars was the extra kick that this song needed.”

Steve continues “Sometimes, you’ve been listening and working on the same thing for so long, it helps to get that outside perspective. I knew that whatever Jeff did would be awesome, so I just gave him the song and let him run with it.”

The flip-side of the record, “Day In The Sun”, is a more recent composition. “Yeah, I just stumbled on the chords one Saturday morning and then the chorus happened. We put this one down pretty quickly.”

So there you have it, an A-side that took over a decade and a B-side that came together in weeks.

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