Snap Infraction


The new single from Snap Infraction ‘Take The Blame’ b/w ‘Once In A Lifetime Daydream’ was performed, recorded and mixed by Snap Infraction.

Keaton Thandi played and recorded percussion on ‘Once In A Lifetime Daydream’.

Tom Volpicelli mastered everything at The Mastering House

All songs written by Steve Karsch © 2021 OneFiftySeven Music. BMI.


"Take The Blame" wasn't supposed to exist, according to Snap Infraction front man Steve Karsch.

"The original plan was for `Once In A Lifetime Daydream` to be the A-side, and we had another nearly done song slated as a B-side, but I was struggling with finishing it. We were about a week away from out (self-imposed) deadline for the single, so I just quickly wrote `Take The Blame`, which ended up making it to the A-side."

And so we have a rollicking, in-your-face, straight-up rock rune

Drawing inspiration from such artists as Elliott Smith and Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, there's even a bit of psychedlia in the second (or is it third?) bridge.

"There's a few bridges in there. I kept finding them in old versions of this song, so we just kept using them" says Karsch.

The B-side "Too Much Fun" is quite literally that: too much fun.

"That one was the result of a particularly wicked hangover and my friend saying something to the effect of 'I guess you had too much fun last night.' I hung on to that for ages and we put a pretty rockin' tune behind it with some meaningless lyrics and there you go: a good old-fashioned rock n roll tune."

So crank it up and have a little too much fun of your own...responsibly, of course!