Snap Infraction


The new single from Snap Infraction ‘Repeat Offender’ b/w ‘We Both Believe’ was performed, recorded and mixed by Snap Infraction.

Tom Volpicelli mastered everything at The Mastering House

Songs written by Steve Karsch © 2021 OneFiftySeven Music. BMI.


"We're not really a 'riff band'" explains guitarist Steve Karsch when asked about the new Snap Infraction single "Repeat Offender."

But it's the swirling, repetitive riff that forms the basis of the track, along with a bouncing, contrapuntal bass line, tight backing vocals and a bridge that drops from the sky!

Reflecting on the 6th single that the band has released in 2021, Karsch says "We basically slow-dripped a full-length album, though it doesn't really feel like that."

For the B-side "We Both Believe", the band presents a mostly unadorned acoustic track, sprinkled with bits of Wurlitzer and tambura. A fitting end to a busy year for Snap Infraction!