Snap Infraction


The new single from Snap Infraction ‘Second Chance’ b/w ‘Too Much Fun’ was performed, recorded and mixed by Snap Infraction.

Pete Wilkins played bass on ‘Too Much Fun’.

Tom Volpicelli mastered everything at The Mastering House

All songs written by Steve Karsch © 2021 OneFiftySeven Music. BMI.


For their second release of 2021, Snap Infraction have taken a decidely more long-winded approach.

Songwriter Steve Karsch explains "Maybe we got a little too carried away with `Second Chance.` You could listen to our last A-side `I Try My Best` not once, not twice, but thrice in less time than this track, but we think it's a long song that doesn't feel as long as it is. All the parts that are there are there for a reason, it's not just endless noodling."

Drawing inspiration from such artists as Elliott Smith and Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, there's even a bit of psychedlia in the second (or is it third?) bridge.

"There's a few bridges in there. I kept finding them in old versions of this song, so we just kept using them" says Karsch.

The B-side "Too Much Fun" is quite literally that: too much fun.

"That one was the result of a particularly wicked hangover and my friend saying something to the effect of 'I guess you had too much fun last night.' I hung on to that for ages and we put a pretty rockin' tune behind it with some meaningless lyrics and there you go: a good old-fashioned rock n roll tune."

So crank it up and have a little too much fun of your own...responsibly, of course!