Snap Infraction


The new single from Snap Infraction ‘I Try My Best’ b/w `The Ballad of Hector and Sarah` was performed, recorded and mixed by Snap Infraction.

Tom Volpicelli mastered everything at The Mastering House

Ziggy the dog appears courtesy of himself.

All songs written by Steve Karsch © 2021 OneFiftySeven Music. BMI.


Fresh off the 2020 release of their second EP, “Stiff Arm”, Snap Infraction (Steve Karsch and Tony Iannuzzi) have a string of single releases planned for 2021.

The first offering of the year is a brand new single "I Try My Best" and its flipside "The Ballad of Hector and Sarah."

Guitarist and songwriter Steve Karsch says "We've got a bit of a backlog of songs but these two are probably the most recent ones I've written. So recent, in fact, that we're still learning them!"

Both songs are power pop at its finest, clocking in at less than 5 minutes combined, giving you, the listener, plenty of time for repeat listens.

An exercise in brevity, indeed!

So sit back, turn it up and rock out! But don't get too comfortable, because you're going to have to flip the record in two minutes!